Personalized Attention From A Small Law Firm With Large Law Firm Resources

A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Has Seen Both Sides

When you hire a defense attorney, you want to be assured that your lawyer has the necessary experience to achieve a successful outcome in your case. Attorney Ryan D. Bodley has worked on both sides of the criminal justice system in Maryland and uses that experience to help defend his clients.

Having lived and worked in Ocean City for years, he knows the local legal community. He has a unique understanding of the legal system in the area. Ryan previously worked as an assistant state’s attorney for the Office of the State’s Attorney for Worcester County.

His work since has allowed him to forge meaningful relationships within the community. Ryan Bodley not only provides his clients with the small-firm attention and experience they deserve but also has the resources of a larger firm available to him.

Fierce In The Courtroom, Compassionate With Clients

Ocean City and The Eastern Shore of Maryland are known for being a busy tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches and exciting atmosphere. Unfortunately, DUIs and other traffic violations are common, especially among visitors from out of town. If charged with a DUI in Ocean City, it is vital to work with a local attorney who knows the area, the players and how to navigate the system here in Maryland.

Attorney Ryan Bodley can help state residents and out-of-towners with cases such as:

Attorney Bodley prides himself on fighting for his clients like they are his own family. From confidently fighting in the courtroom to empathetically explaining your rights, you can trust that he will be there with you for every step of your case.

Choose An Attorney Who Knows The System

If you face criminal charges in Ocean City, you need a lawyer who knows the system and how to work within it. For client-focused and knowledgeable representation, contact Bodley Defense to schedule a free consultation. Attorney Bodley makes himself available to clients 24/7 to help them with their cases. Call 410-885-1638 today or fill out an online contact form to get started.