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Man facing theft and drug-related charges

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | CRIMINAL DEFENSE - Theft

When one is charged with a crime in Maryland, the legal repercussions of a possible conviction are not the only concern. When one is convicted of a crime related to drugs or theft, the consequences can go beyond just facing time in jail or prison. In many cases, a criminal conviction can greatly impact one’s personal life and employment opportunities. This is why it’s essential for those accused of crimes to seek legal assistance to know their rights. A Maryland man has found himself in such a position and is now facing serious charges in two states. 

Details of the charges 

A 55-year-old male from Prince Frederick was recently arrested after reports of theft from two stores in the area. When police contacted the man, he was reportedly driving a pickup truck and he supposedly admitted that the stolen items were in the vehicle. Upon searching the truck, the police officer allegedly found drugs and drug paraphernalia.  

The man also had warrants in Maryland and Virginia. He was transported to the local jail where he was searched and, according to law enforcement, found to have contraband on his person. He is now facing a slew of charges in relation to the stolen items, drugs and the contraband that was apparently brought into the jail. 

Legal help is essential 

When facing criminal charges related to drugs or theft, one must seek legal advice immediately. It’s important for those charged with a crime to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to understand how best to defend themselves in court. A Maryland attorney can provide guidance based on the individual circumstances to help the accused understand the charges they are facing and know what options they have.