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Maryland’s new marijuana laws may be confusing

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Drug Charges

Like some other states, Maryland recently changed the laws surrounding marijuana usage. But the changes may be confusing to some, which can lead one to be charged with drug possession when they didn’t realize they were doing anything against the law. Awareness of the specifics of the new law can help prevent one from being charged with marijuana-related crimes.

Understanding the current laws

As of July 1, the recreational use of marijuana by adults became legal in Maryland. There are some exceptions to be aware of. While the state allows those over 21 to buy and possess cannabis, it’s still illegal under federal law. Anyone transporting marijuana over state lines could find themselves in legal trouble with federal officials.

It’s also illegal to have marijuana in national parks, military bases, or on federal property in the state.  Smoking marijuana in public is not permitted. It remains lawful for employers to test workers for marijuana use and because the state has an at-will employment law, workers can be fired if they test positive. Maryland residents, and those visiting the state, can benefit from understanding these restrictions so they don’t find themselves facing marijuana-related charges.

Help for those facing drug-related charges

If one finds oneself facing charges related to marijuana or other drugs, it’s important to seek legal help immediately. An attorney with knowledge of Maryland’s drug laws can provide guidance and help an individual build a solid defense. A drug conviction can create many issues in one’s personal and professional life but seeking advice from an experienced attorney can help one decide the best course of action to defend themselves in court.