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Police actions questioned following arrest in Ocean City

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Criminal Defense

A 34-year-old man who reportedly works as a regional golf coach was recently approached by Maryland police officers on the Ocean City Boardwalk. Police claim they informed the man of a local ordinance that bans vaping on the Boardwalk. Officers allege that the man proceeded to use his vaping device after they had told him it was prohibited in the area. He was arrested, but numerous witnesses and the man’s parents assert that police used unnecessary and brute force against him. 

There is video footage of the incident, which the man’s mother said filled her with fear and anger. She spoke to reporters after viewing the film, saying she was afraid the police officers were going to kill her son. The video shows police holding him on the ground and punching him multiple times.  

Police claim the man was resisting arrest  

Numerous charges were later filed against the man. Each charge is a criminal misdemeanor, including disorderly conduct and 2nd-degree assault. The accused man is also charged with failure to provide proof of identity, as well as resisting arrest.  

Ocean City police have also been accused of brutality against teenagers who allegedly violated the vaping ordinance on the Boardwalk some time ago. The mother of the man arrested in this case says there seems to be a problem with police brutality in the area, and it needs to stop. As in all criminal cases, the defendant will have the opportunity to enter a plea for each charge against him. If the legal rights of an accused individual are violated at any stage in the proceedings, a court may grant an application to dismiss the charges.