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Police looking for man involved in armed robbery

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | CRIMINAL DEFENSE - Theft

A criminal conviction, especially when a weapon is involved, typically results in serious time behind bars. For anyone facing these circumstances, it may seem hopeless. But every individual accused of a crime in Maryland is entitled to defend against the formal accusations in court. Sometimes, the accused flees from the scene of a crime, but once apprehended, the individual will face the prospect of defending against all charges. 

A stolen motorcycle and a fleeing suspect 

Police are currently looking for a male accused of stealing a motorcycle in Brandywine. The incident happened on Aug. 4 late in the afternoon. A man was working on his motorcycle in his yard when another male approached him wearing a mask and brandishing a firearm. The suspect took off on the stolen motorcycle. 

Police arrived quickly after the incident and searched the area but did not locate the suspect. They are asking the public for information and a local crime stoppers organization is offering a reward for information related to the incident. If found, the man will likely face several charges related to the incident. 

Defense is available for everyone  

Everyone has the right to defend themselves against criminal charges, no matter the nature of the accusations. Anyone who has been accused of a crime in Maryland will benefit by seeking legal advice from a knowledgeable defense attorney. Facing criminal charges creates uncertainty about the future. By consulting with an attorney, one can gain an understanding of individual legal rights and have the information needed to form a defense strategy.