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Maryland State Police to increase DUI patrols for holiday weekend

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Drunk Driving

As Labor Day approaches, motorists are likely to see more traffic on the roadways. Maryland State Police are cautioning drivers to remain vigilant and to drive safely to prevent accidents. They also plan to focus on areas where accidents are frequent and to increase patrols in those areas to locate drivers who may be impaired, driving while distracted, or otherwise breaking laws while operating a motor vehicle. 

Drivers should be cautious and alert 

According to Maryland State Police, the enhanced patrols during the holiday weekend should help reduce injuries and fatalities associated with driving under the influence and distracted driving. There will be additional units on the state’s roadways to look out for drivers who could potentially cause an accident. The State Police Impaired Driving Reduction Effort team, known as SPIDRE, will be on the lookout for drivers they believe to be driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Drivers are encouraged to plan ahead if they are visiting a Labor Day gathering to plan for a safe way to get home. Those who drink alcohol should have a designated driver or use a ride-share service to make it home safely. A DUI arrest and conviction can come with serious consequences, both personally and professionally, so drivers should avoid putting themselves into a situation where they may be accused of driving under the influence.  

Legal help after a DUI arrest 

When one is arrested for DUI, it’s important to consult an attorney immediately. A DUI conviction can mean fines, jail time, and losing one’s job. The financial repercussions of a conviction can be quite significant. Maryland residents who are facing charges related to driving under the influence of alcohol have the right to defend themselves against those charges by working with an attorney to develop a defense strategy based on the circumstances.