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Proposed changes to Maryland laws could affect juvenile offenders

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | CRIMINAL DEFENSE - Theft

Teens often make mistakes without considering the consequences of their actions. When a minor makes a criminal mistake in Maryland, they often face serious repercussions that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Some officials in the state are proposing some changes be made to the laws that pertain to juvenile offenses. These changes, if implemented, could significantly impact juvenile offenders.  

What changes are proposed? 

Law enforcement officials throughout the state are concerned about the rate of violent crimes committed by youthful offenders. Recent changes to the laws, including the addition of the Child Interrogation Protection Act, may have contributed to an increase in the juvenile crime rate. Some officials believe these laws provide no deterrent to prevent minors from committing crimes, especially when it comes to auto theft.  

Some lawmakers wish to change the laws again to provide law enforcement with the ability to better hold youthful offenders accountable when they commit a violent crime. They believe the lack of consequences is leading teens to continue down a destructive path where they commit crimes over and over because nothing happens to them. The goal of changing the current laws is to provide support in an effort to prevent youths from repeating their crimes.   

Youthful offenders need legal assistance 

When a teenager is accused of committing a violent crime, they have the right to defend themselves just like everyone else. Parents of teenagers who are facing criminal accusations may not know where to turn for help. Maryland parents can work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to make the right decisions for their child’s case.