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Drug bust results in 9 arrests in Riverdale

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2024 | CRIMINAL LAW - Drug Charges

Many states, Maryland included, are trying to crack down on drug use and sales. Authorities use many different methods to locate drugs and try to find those who they believe are selling drugs. Being convicted of a drug-related crime can come with severe penalties. A recent drug bust in Riverdale led to multiple arrests and those arrested are now facing penalties if convicted. 

Drug charges 

Not only does one face legal repercussions after a drug conviction, but there is also a social stigma that can go with being convicted of a drug-related charge. Some people also face job loss after a criminal conviction which is why it’s important for those who are accused of drug crimes to defend themselves appropriately. Several individuals are now tasked with defending themselves against serious drug-related charges after an apartment was searched in Riverdale. 

When police searched the apartment, they found over 13,000 fentanyl pills, cocaine, and three guns. Information on who lived in the apartment has not been released but nine people were arrested after the drug bust. They are facing charges of drug trafficking and firearm offenses.  

What to do when faced with drug charges 

A conviction of a drug-related charge in Maryland can make one’s life difficult. This type of conviction can make it hard to get a job, find housing, or do anything where a background check is required. Those who are facing drug charges should know that they are not alone in the process. A criminal defense attorney can provide help with one’s defense strategy or help one decide if pleading to a lesser charge is a better option.