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Maryland man held without bond after drug bust

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2024 | CRIMINAL LAW - Drug Charges

Maryland police went to a private residence with a search warrant several weeks ago. The residence was home to a 54-year-old man. When investigators show up at a house with a warrant in hand, the homeowner is obligated to allow them access to the home to search according to the conditions contained in the warrant. The alleged drug bust led to the man’s arrest.

Police confiscated numerous items from the man’s home. These reportedly included a substance that investigators claim to be cocaine. They also say they seized a substantial amount of cash, as well as a scale and other objects that detectives labeled as drug paraphernalia.

A Maryland judge denied bond after the drug bust

The man who was taken into police custody following a search of his residence remains behind bars at this time. The judge overseeing his case denied a bond. Judges often do this if they think an individual will try to flee the area or has a history of failing to appear in court. When a judge denies bond, the accused individual must pay the full amount of the specified bail or remain in jail pending the trial.

A judge typically must provide a reason for denying bond, which is entered into court records. In some cases, a person being held without bond may appeal the ruling. Facing criminal charges in Maryland after a drug bust can be a stressful, frightening experience. Anyone accused of a drug crime may seek immediate legal support, which can help alleviate stress and increase the chances of a positive outcome. An experienced criminal defense attorney will focus on challenging the prosecution’s case, including any prospective evidence that prosecutors intend to offer at trial